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Marius Victor Iliescu is an actor, director and producer born on August 18, 1967 in Bucharest, Romania. Influenced by Stanislavski and Grotowski’s psychological work in acting through physical actions, Marius attended Hyperion University, a private conservatory in Bucharest and finalized his studies in 1995.

For two years after graduation, Marius was part of the cast in the Greek play The Suppliants, Aeschylus’ oldest tragedy. An original view on the birth of Europe by the visionary Romanian director Silviu Purcarete, the production was performed in French, which Marius speaks very well. Vienna, Amsterdam, Avignon, Paris, Rome, Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin were just a few major European theatre centers where he was inspired to show his appreciation for the art of acting.

In 1997, Marius Iliescu also performed the play at the Lincoln Center Festival in NYC. That moment was decisive in his decision to continue pursuing his career in the United States. In 2005, he graduated with Magna Cum Laude in Dance Performance and Choreography from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, achievement that broadened his artistic horizons tremendously. For four years after graduation, 2005 – 2009, Marius was a principal dancer with the most visually spectacular contemporary dance company in MI, Detroit Dance Collective, lead by the explosive Artistic Director – Barbara Selinger.

Thirsty to know as much as possible about the art that frees him more than anything, in 2010 Marius earned his Master of Arts in Directing from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Also, in 2010 Marius played the lead in D’Balentine Creative production of Death and Detroit, an acclaimed short film about the untamed spirit of Motor City, and in 2011 he was the lead actor in Colin Ulman’s films Working with the Dead and The Witnesses. In 2012 Marius joined the world of dramatic artists of Chicago, where he made his acting and directing mark on film with Butterflies in the Dark, a true events story of survival (Noiemi Lobont – Director, Marius Iliescu – Original Screenplay/Executive Producer/Lead Actor).

2013 marked the beginning of an ongoing and inspiring collaboration with Ave Fenix Pictures Studios, the first Hispanic owned film studio in Chicago/Midwest and one of the unique leading entertainment companies in the development and marketing of film to a global audience. With the company’s executives Monica Esmeralda Leon and Zachary Laoutides, Marius starred in and produced feature films such as Adios Vaya con Dios (2014), Arise From Darkness (2016), Black Ruby (2017) and current projects in development: The Confessions of Saint Augustin, Fields of Aaru, Eskeleto, Devil in the Window.


Marius established Los Angeles as his new home in 2013 and ever since he continued his creative relationship with Ave Fenix Pictures Studios by opening their executive branch in California. Among many talented directors Marius Iliescu had the opportunity to work with in California, are Shadow Dragu-Mihai (Sin 13), Joshua Caldwell (Resignation), Eve Harrs (Rock Opera) and Abigail Harper (Bible Rules – History Channel).

With a solid acting background, strong work ethic and versatility in performing and directing, Marius Iliescu is open to the challenges ahead. The beauty of drama given by the infinite aspects of human behavior and his love for story telling are the engines that will make him expand his creative boundaries.

Current Home: Los Angeles, California.

Primary Goal: FILM. 

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