Standing 5’6” Marius Iliescu has dark brown hair and his eyes are blue/green depending on mood and outside temperature. His athletic body of 145 lbs is the result of sustained physical activities such as professional contemporary dancing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, swimming, acrobatics, fencing, combat and film stunts.

A native of Romania, Marius elaborates fluently in English, French, and, of course, Romanian, but he will never say no to a character that might just speak with an East-European, Russian, Italian, or Latino accent.

His education started in Europe where Marius learned the craft of acting through Stanislavski and Grotowski’s method of physical actions and expanded in the United States in the miraculous world of dance and choreography followed by directing, a dramatic path for which Marius always felt a deep passion for.

In his over twenty years of experience on stage and film sets Marius acted, danced, choreographed, and directed many works for which he was rewarded with appreciation and critical acclaim. Roles on stage like Dave Moss – Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet, Albert Einstein – Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin, Tiresias – The Bacchae by Euripides, Petruchio – The Taming of the Shrew and Demetrius – A Midsummer Night’s Dream by W. Shakespeare are just a few thespian highlights.


On set, Marius brought to life an entire collection of characters from an undercover French cop in Sam Logan Khaleghi’s thriller Love Is A Thieves’ Game (2011), a psychopath Russian hit man in Colin Ulman’s Working with the Dead (2011) or an angel refusing to give up humanity in The Witnesses (2011) to a homeless comedic character in Mike Kelly’s slap stick Holy Car (2012), a hologram in Singularity (2012), the spirit of a city in Death and Detroit (2012), and a violent Mexican drug dealer in Ave Fenix Pictures’ Adios Vaya con Dios (2014).

After moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Marius continued his work with Ave Fenix Pictures with which he produced and acted in feature films such as Arise From Darkness (2016) and Black Ruby (2017). His work also meant collaborations with directors Shadow Dragu-Mihai (Sin 13), Josh Caldwell

(Resignation), Eve Harrs (New Rock Opera) and Abigail Harper (Bible Rules – History Channel).

Credits for directed works are I Still Love You, an awarded forbidden love story (2005), As Easy As Hard Can Be, a play about the spirit of a hero by Alan Ball (2010), and The Man Who Lost His Sundays, a play about survival based on a true story also written by Marius (2011).

Credits for screenwriting include Butterflies in the Dark, a story about freedom and the sacrifices for it, screenplay finalized in a film by Noiemi Lobont in which Marius was also the lead actor (2013) and Devil in the Window, feature film that will enter production soon.

What really counts in someone’s resume is his work ethic, his respect for the craft, and his burning desire to bring his best anytime, every time. Marius has this untamed passion for the dramatic and cinematic arts; without which his soul would be much poorer, much weaker in adapting to the ever-changing world around him.